Write a scene that illustrates this:

Max and Janine made a terrible couple. Don’t ever tell us that they are a terrible couple, or anything like
that. Show it through what they say and do.

«So this is what I planned.»
Sitting with her back tight and intent in a graceful position; her fingers quietly hugged the one to the other in front of her chest. Her legs politely crouched and leaned against the soft and antique blue velvet chair.
«It won’t work. Why do you want to do this, don’t you like your life? Many others women would die to be in your shoes.»
He was sunk in their red couch, a gift for their wedding red as the newlywed passion. His head was reclined, the chin up and the eyes closed in a sense of bored heaviness.
«Yes, I know but… I’ve never really done anything for myself in the last twenty years and… I want to be more than a wife and a mother.»
«And you really think you can be more than that. You are barely enough as a mother and a wife.»

Her expression suddenly began to tickle, she couldn’t control the light spasm of her lips and the furious movement of the eyelids. She blushed as though a can of burning burgundy paint tortured her cheeks.
«What do you mean? That I failed as a wife and as a mother?»
Her skinny shaped body freed from that regal posture she forced herself into while talking to his husband.

Standing, her hands clenched in two gracious fists she couldn’t stop spitting her poisonous truth.
«You know who failed? Who really did? You. But not as a husband, not as a father, no, my dear. You failed as a man. Look at you, that piggy groan on your face, I bet you grunt when you fuck those minxes you do like. Poor them, they don’t know you can’t even hold your cock when you pee.»

He calmly lifted down his face, that answer awake his interest.
«Oh honey, they know you can do it in my place» he said, with his mouth disclosed in a depraved grin.
With his whole body perched on the edge of the sofa he vigorously got his face to her pierced ear. His breath was cold enough to freeze the blood in his wife’s veins; as a vicious snake he grasped her arm in the spire of his hands.
«In sickness and in health, until death do us apart» he hissed moving his mouth slowly, as he wanted to cast a sick spell over his wife. At last he vigorously let her go and left the cold turquoise room. Janine was
petrified. She hadn’t asked for much. She never did. Maybe was to late for her. Do what is right, not what you want, Janine her mother used to say.
Do what is right. Right to who? She screamed, intensely enough to disturb the quiet rest of the swallows outside their porch.

Later in her bedroom, she began to unbind her tight chignon, to comb her hair, to take her precious earrings off, put them in her jewel case. She was calm and cared to do every movement accurately.

Eventually Max entered their room with his usual indolence. Everything happened in a very long instant,
his eyes wide open served as a mirror she could easily look herself into.
Her breath regular, her hands still, her feet steady, she observed the face of the man she spent twenty years with. He was handsome, after all.

911? I wanted to report a murder in 955 Myrtle avenue.
She dropped the phone before she could hear the answer.
He was so handsome now. With her knitting scissors lodged into his forehead.

Di Chiara Lopresti

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